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Digital Storytelling – The Creative Transformation of Ideas

As I will deal with new ways of publishing at Leaf Pub, I want to dedicate one post to digital storytelling as an introduction to the digital format. In general, digital storytelling refers to the way narratives are presented by means of electronic devices or including digital content. This enables us to use multiple media such as photography, audio, video and other visual or text productions.



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E-publishing – An Outlook

Last time we already established what we mean by e-publishing. Now I’d like to focus on some general ideas about whether e-publishing is an asset or a path into the wrong direction.


The probably biggest concern with e-publishing is piracy. It costs quite a bit to copy a printed product but distributing an e-book to thousands of readers only takes a click and a few seconds. There are attempts to secure e-formats with the DRM standard, though it looks like that’s not the practical solution we are looking for. As a writer I understand that the missed out revenue is problematic; on the other hand authors need to trust readers to pay for good quality works. It’s always been a practice to share good books with friends. There are also tendencies where the extent of piracy correlates positively to the total of purchased products. The more people are able to consume, the more they will come back with a willingness to pay for what they feel is worth it.

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The Definition of E-publishing

E-publishing is the making of electronic publications. Sounds simple. Then there are sub-categories such as e-books. This is where it seems to get complicated – e-books are e-publications, but e-publications are not necessarily e-books.

Why am I making this distinction?

When hearing, using or talking about e-publishing, many people automatically refer to e-books and forget all the other sorts of e-publication. Any text that is distributed online or made available in a file format is a form of e-publishing. Now we need to ask us, what are the definitions of text and publishing. Is a Facebook status update about the cute sleeping cat a text – and if so, is updating your status automatically a form of publishing? Yes and no.

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